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GQ insider

Focus: do you wait, Can!

There really isn't a way to quantify FOCUS
sure you may "get it" when someone says "Try this with your brand"
or maybe you quote, unquote (I just did the finger quotes) "understand" when it's laid out for you.

A Brand will start to climb when you daily focus on the small things, here are a few:
1. Ask someone that doesn't know you if what you're doing makes sense. If it doesn't heck you maybe on the right path.

2. Be sensible, yet reckless in your thoughts. If you want to fly to the moon, just know it's going to take a minute to build the ship & know your darn stardates.

3. Follow, almost stalk, those that are doing what you're doing. Copy even steal their concepts, adjust to your brand

I mean, I'm just saying

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