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Donuts holes and A-holes, is this marketing?

if you've EVER driven past Krispy Kreme donuts and seen the beacon blazing the words "HOT DONUTS" then you know how absolutely delicious to the taste buds they are when baked fresh!

What does that have to do with branding and marketing, nothing other than it's a big red sign that has your mouth watering while you are trying to drive, text, change the radio station and curse the person out in front of you for cutting you off AS YOU MADE THE ILLEGAL U-TURN into Krispie Kreme.

Us (yup I definitely throw myself here) marketing & branding people always have these grand visions of how we can improve your brand, market position, facebook fan pages and twitter followers when in the end what we see is completely opposite of where you, DEEP inside, want to take your brand.

Sometimes you gotta be an A-Hole and stand firm in the direction you want your brand to go.


Mike said...

I agree that SOMETIMES brands have to stand firm in the direction they want their brand to go, but other times they really need to let other people take the reigns. I constantly see commercials, magazine ads, and online ads that I KNOW passed multiple levels of executives to get the "nod of approval" and just wonder what they were thinking. There's no idea that ad is going to sell their brand and spread their vision. I guess that's why brands like those need people like me and you Tex!

Darrion said...

Great bridge is this post, bottom line is you can't satisfy everyone. Continue to build your brand and lock in the vision behind it and you will appeal to the MASSES.