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GQ insider

Sharing your BRANDS gifts

I recently seen the 1st show ever of late night with Jimmy Fallon. His guest was Will Smith during the dialogue he said "The goal of a person is to share their gift & make people's life easier".  Wow, how easy to say and do. That's not saying work for free but each of us has a God given gift that others come to us for. If you think deep you can pinpoint it.

Use that gift of yours, help make the world easy for someone, give them a smile, word of encouragement, offer assistance growing their brand.

Just once correct the universe.

Grow your #brand in silence

Sitting on the patio, doing resesearch I noticed the sound of rain, a silent hum and consistent. I stopped for a few minutes & did NOTHING (while finishing this tasty cigar). When I came back to my phone, the research became more clearer the objective was easy to meet.

Every now & then you have to do NOTHING, sit still and clear your head. Ask yourself the tough questions (am i doing enough with my brand, what is my competition doing better etc), smile and for goodness sake don't run out of matches to light your cigar.