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GQ insider

Brand building GUT PUNCH

Building a brand can get blurry, real fast (like the above picture). So many articles advising you to try this or that new blah blah blah. The "experts" with their flim-flam advice. I know it can be a GUT PUNCH. Relax, take a deep breath and focus on your end goal.

A few things to do, go online and find a good marketing plan that you can use as your template, look long and hard at your competition study their weaknesses and exploit their success. Create a S.W.O.T analysis,

 These next 2 are crucial, allow time for your plan to grow. Hell McDonald's has been in business since 1888 & you know they weren't serving two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese back then.

and FOLLOW YOUR GUT. Sometimes all the data, experts, reading can get in the way of your gut.

Big Tex

Friends don't let friend's brands over #hashtag

Hashtags have become the word of the world. Heck even I have my own (#brandmanager, #sikarboyzclub and #butleroftime) to describe my brands. Notice they are relevant to every #brand I represent.

A new startup, venture, company or brand can be exciting for anyone. However creating and using hashtags  can be a daunting task.  When you look around they're everywhere and of course you want your own to maximize your brands success.

below are some basic steps to help you focus your #hashtag efforts jack:

1. create hashtags that are relevant to your brand and EASY TO FIND. ex: the cigar club SiKaR Boyz cLuB hashtags include #sikarboyz or #sikargirlz

2. use them everywhere, BUT ensure they are relevant places to build business. Add to your signature, business cards so that people know how to search

3. understand how to search your hashtag to measure marketing efforts sites like

4. stop creating random, wanna be cute hashtags. example if you sell clothing and your company is named "fitchicks" your hashtag should be #fitchchicks and not #getfinewithfitchicks (or something like that). Remember the human mind works through patterns and repetition. The more they see your hashtag, easier they remember

5. BEFORE you create hashtag research & make sure someone else isn't using it. If they are you may have to alter yours. 

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