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Here's mud in your eye kid! Out-Marketing the competition

OOOOH The magic of a sandbox. As a kid it's huge, your imagination runs wild and magic is created. Grains of sand are scripted into majestic castles, water turns finger dug lanes into moats. Deep inside you secretly hope a wave will come and smash that kids castle across the way so your work of majesty is the only one on the beach!

Take the same approach concerning your marketing/branding efforts. BUT FIRST, get into your competitions sandbox, study their recent marketing efforts (social media, activations, messaging) once you kinda have a grasp, figure out WHAT they are NOT doing and build your castle in that corner of the sandbox. When building remember people are creatures of habit so you may have to add just a little of the competitions brand to yours (don't recreate the wheel) to help customers feel good coming to you.

Allow your imagination to run wild, thing of the 3 craziest things you'd love to do w/your brand, find a way to scale them down in size and cost then go out and make it happen. Pretty much any excuse you'll give yourself is fear

You should see small lift in business over time. Once this happens then you can grab a handful of sand, look at them and say "Here's mud in your eye kid"

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