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What in the he!! is Social Currency & how much do you have?

Social Currency
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So·cial Cur·ren·cy \ˈsō-shəl\ --- \ˈkər-ən(t)-sē, ˈkə-rən(t)-\

Wikipedia defines Social Currency as:

" The entirety of actual and potential resource which arises from a presence on social networks and communities, may they be digital or offline. The extent to which people share the brand or information about the brand as part of their everyday social lives at work or at home."

 Social currency has become the new hot word, its given  consumers the belief that more followers, friends and likes received the more influence yielded, oh how wrong they are. Yes, social media allows faster reach and conversation with friends, it also means more competition. More people trying to get their friends, YOUR FRIENDS, to hear them, more people trying to position themselves as influencers and leaders. The game is afoot (I'm still not sure exactly what that phrase means but it sure sounds cool).

To truly influence, my perspective, a brand should become part of your offline presence. If you drink cognac then drink it when no one is looking, if you smoke cigars (yes, I'm biased) smoke when not taking picture. Posting everything you do to social media actually will lessen your value because you're  an open book (no mystery). Less often is more

Now, the real question, how to improve your "Social Currency"? Remember social media is an open conversation; find your favorite brands, stick with them. The more you engage conversation, illicit responses, contribute worthwhile comments and learn the value of timely postings, the more your "Social currency" value increases.

 -Big Tex



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