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GQ insider

"excuse me, can you spare a nickel, to help my brand"

Sometimes you just have to give back, plain and simple.

My phrase is "what's your charitable clause", how are you giving back to those less fortunate?

I understand you may not have the "time" but that's a load of BS. We are all swamped with life; kids, work, exercise (if you don't exercise, umm it maybe time) but finding a way to help others is never wrong.

Find a "social clause" close to your heart, has someone you know been effected by cancer, HIV or homelessness?

I recommend starting out 8 hours a month (that's 2 a week). Volunteer, gather old clothing from your friends to donate (getting this together is your time), throw a theme party, donate the money. Their are all kinds of ways to help.

Just do it, all it takes is 5 cents a day (I sound like that commercial on late night tv huh) lol. 

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