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GQ insider

Establishing who you are

Understand your industry, from computers to sanitation or the stock market, know what's happening, key words and trends.

Here's how you do it:

1. Go to google, type in your industry and click news, once you find a few websites, bookmark them, once a week visit those sites, catch the headlines (who is doing what,what are the big words they are using and what they mean)
2. When you talk to your superiors or co-workers and use those key phrases (correctly), or can speak in depth, to them, you are establishing personal brand identity and not just collecting a paycheck. I promise they will keep that in mind when your names comes up for Raises or PROMOTIONS!

A. SCREW EMAIL: If someone does something nice for you, big or small, pick up the phone or write a thank you card, when you send an email thank you it rings "impersonal" and says "your not worth my time to send a thank you card or calling" . If your not sure what to say when calling, wait until after hours (after 8pm) call their work VM and you leave a message if it doesn't sound good, you can always press #9, erase and repeat until it sounds good to you. If its their cell phone, send them a text that says "hey can you call me real quick" they will call and say this exactly "hey i don't have much time to talk but wanted to thank you for (what ever they did for you, be specific), then end the conversation, this way they can't say much but "cool" and your not uncomfortable.

B. Now on the other end if calling isn't your thing take you cheap self to DOLLAR GENERAL OR DOLLAR TREE, pick up some general thank you cards and mail them. Inside the card thank them for what they did for you (be specific), lick the stamp and send it. This goes far, and as Forrest gump says "that's all I got to say about that"

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D. Smith said...

Good points here. Establishing credibility is important with your colleagues and consumers. Follow up is also key to maintaining any business relationship. In the non-profit realm, we talk in terms of donor / member engagement. We must continue to reach out to our members if we want to truly keep them connected. Relationship building is key to the success of any business. Good work man - hope all is well...