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How the election can help your #Brand

So Mitt, I mean Barack won the election! I'm not here to talk politics but to examine the social media impact, you ready

  1. photo of President Barack Obama embracing his wife Michelle Obama with simple “Four More Years.” Within two hours, the photo was re-tweeted 456,845 times and shared on Facebook 207,348 times (the most popular picture on facebook EVER)
  2. Mitt Romney gained 44,550 new Twitter followers, Obama added more than a quarter million of new followers
  3.  According to Facebook, the 2012 election received a record breaking level of buzz. On a 10-point scale, it scored 9.27. The 2008 presidential election scored an 8.95.
  4.  Nearly one-third of voters had been encouraged to vote for Obama or Romney via posts on social media, while one-fifth had tried to convince others to cast their ballot on social networks
  5.  The Presidential election also set the record for the most tweeted about event in U.S. political history with an astonishing 31 million tweets sent.
For your brand, using all platforms of social media is the key but also the messaging. The presidents picture hugging his wife said "Four more years" simple but very effective. Make sure you are talking "to" not "at" your followers.

 It's very important that you decide how you're using facebook, if for business keep all postings just that, business.


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