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Linkedin is facebook for professionals

*please note this is only my perspective*

As the economy sputters, I can bet many professionals linkedin connections grow like a spiderweb (maybe I should end this blog right there).

Linkedin allows business professionals to meet, exchange ideas, ask for a job and "recommend" each for the next job, also known as telling people how good you are at what you do.

Question, those people with 3,4,500 connections why are they still unemployed? 

I'll tell you why (again this is my point of view) it's because EVERYONE is job hunting. Whereas before you could ask a buddy for a lead, now that buddy has 100 other friends going for the same position. They now have to decide which of you won't put his reputation on the line.

Linkedin allows you to see who viewed your profile. That makes it kinda exciting, secretly you're hoping the hiring manager looked over your profile and you're in the running.

I'll say it, Linkedin is facebook for professionals. 

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