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Yahoo News interviews Big Tex & SiKaR BoYz cLuB

4 Myths About Joining a Cigar Club
By Derryl Williams
Just the other day I got asked to be a part of a cigar club and since I don't smoke I came up with many reasons why I shouldn't join but I decided to sit down with someone who could tell me a little bit about being in a Cigar Club. I sat down with Big Tex who is the founding smoker of the largest African American Cigar club in Texas and asked him a few questions about some of the myths associated about being a part of his "SiKar BoYz cLuB."
We met up at Up in Smoke off McKinney in Uptown, which according to manager John Barton, is one of the premier places for cigar smokers in Dallas. According to Barton, the shops owners spend a lot of time ensuring that it can meet the special needs of every individual smoker and utilizes the expertise of its five locations to ensure that every smoker is greeted with their favorite brand.
Big Tex helped me dispel 4 myths about joining a cigar club.

You have to be a smoker to join a cigar club - I was shocked to find out that 30% of the members of the SiKar BoYz cLuB do not smoke. "It's a social club" claims Big Tex. "Sometimes people just join for the lifestyle". Bi-weekly this group of high fashion, good spirited people will meet at random cigar bars across the city sharing a good cigar, good spirits and good conversation. Some people just come for the spirits and the conversation. In fact, for some, the thrill of just being in the lifestyle makes them feel like a celebrity. It's a totally different atmosphere than being in a club or even going to a bar because the cigar lifestyle revolves around great conversations. People don't network at cigar events, they connect and that connection is what makes the biggest difference with these events.

Women are not allowed in a cigar club - I was under the impression that women did not join cigar clubs and especially with the name of this club being the SiKar BoYz cLuB I assumed that it was a boys club. But there has always been and will always be women cigar aficionados. Women love the conversation, the smell, the drinks in fact one young lady that I spoke to stated that if her man was not intelligent enough to stay in a conversation at a cigar club that he could not be her man. For others that I spoke to, a meeting of friends at the cigar bar gave them the feel of what they assumed the good old days were. You have your gentlemen and your bad boys but they are both intelligent and could both sweep you off your feet.

You have to be rich to join a cigar club - According to Big Tex, the average smoker in his club spends about $30 per week on "sticks", which is the term he continued to use for cigars. Hey even I can afford that. Cigar clubs are not necessarily about the money but instead about just having a good time talking to good people.

It's impossible for people without status to get in - Cigar clubs are not always about the status but instead about good people. Being a part of a cigar club is about being with like minded people. Since a large part of the club is about good conversations, it is important that you have like minded people in the club. Economic status is not as important as the ability to hold a good conversation. Every two weeks the club comes together, some millionaires and some living paycheck to paycheck. "We don't ask questions about how much money a person has and honestly could care less what the cost of your stick is as long as we can have good conversation" stated Big Tex.
Well I guess that settles it. Ill be at the next SiKar BoYz cLuB looking to be with like minded people and starting great new relationships. if you are looking for a social experience outside of your local club maybe a cigar club should be where you look as well. 

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