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GQ insider

How to get paid BIG BUCKS for your services

First things first, understand there are a katrillion people doing exactly the same thing you are! Everyone is chasing their dreams. 

Only a few rise to superstar levels

Even me, as a brand manager, understands there are only a few Steve Stoutes in the industry 

but why not be one of those superstars??!!! You already are champ (speaking positive in your brand right now)

How do you make your brand stand apart & get paid? 
1. offer damn good quality product/service
2. make sure people clearly understand what you offer
3. stay up on currently technologies 

Take the grocery store approach offer A free SAMPLE of your work, just enough so they can see your quality.Use this to build your portfolio. 

Then you have support to charge others the market rate plus 15% (negotiation room)  

it takes time to establish yourself, don't be discouraged balance free vs paid and constantly look for opportunities to show why your brand is better than the competition.

(by the way, I purchase a soda and walk through the grocery store sampling the goods and get REAL full)

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