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The Loss of Authenticity in being cool

    "The Fonz"


I was surfing twitter recently and someone @'d me saying "follow us" (it was a rap group or something). First thing I did was see if they followed me first, to no surprise they didn't! In my best "Big Tex" tone I replied "how can you ask someone to follow you and you're not following them"

** Made sense to me**

Fom Twitter, to tumblr, facebook,instagram and pinterest, the world of Social Media have given rise to the loss authenticity in being cool, now the number of followers or facebook friends rule. My years of Brand Management showed me cool comes from being "ahead of the trends or starting them",  the human touch, taking chances and most importantly being YOURSELF in the middle of the BS.

 Consumers spend too much time tweeting quotes like a philosopher then when you meet in person they lack the "glowing" knowledge so eloquently shown on a tweet. Or posting pictures of themselves hoping people will "Like" it and raise their self esteem. Finally they get to begging for followers, in some cases paying so when they do meet another the bragging rights ensue. They don't spend the time developing the physical,spiritual and mental side to their personal brand

Brands always seem to hire the WRONG advertising agency, go with the wrong pitch, instead of hiring hungry workers with ears to the street.

How would I package cool???? a toothbrush & toothpaste, nice pair of cozy shoes, mp3 player and of course a scooter, think about it!

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