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GQ insider

The "so-called" high cost of building your brand & doing business.

Many people are excited by the thought of starting a business but paralyzed by the "so- called" cost of doing business. Yes, it can be scary, finding an accountant, creating marketing materials, going to market with the correct strategy and product. Heck, it can be overwhelming (it was for me once).

So, as your defacto brand manager let me help get you off the floor.

PURCHASE AND own your domain name visit (sometimes low as 99cents)

Purchase email package with your domain name so now you have ( or something like that). This helps you get away from the yahoo's, gmails and other web based emails.

BUILD an online store: visit sites like or they offer templates and either free of discounted e-commerce sites (about $5 per month)

AFTER, and I MEAN, after you've completed all these steps above, purchase business cards at (about $10) with all the proper information. 

Now, not only is your business online, you look like you've spent time with a marketing guy helping you put things in order (which you have).

This is absolutely no guarantee you will sell anything but give you a more professional look and remember people do business with others they know and like. Who doesn't like a person with a professional business card and some sense about what they are trying to sell.

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