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5 Marketing tips from SocraTEX

I believe it was Socrates who said, “To do is to be.” This applies to your Personal Brand, your company and your dreams/goals. The more you "do or say" the more you brand will becoming into its "Being". Here are my 5 tips to "Be"

1. Say it first and THE LOUDEST, it's okay to say "leader this, or leader that" or "we are the best in the game". Print it on all marketing materials, use it in your elevator pitch. As you begin to deliver on that promise your reputation will grow.

2. Do not try to be all to everything. Focus on one thing and grow that segment. If you tell jokes, then stick to jokes, if your a painter, paint anywhere and everywhere.

3. Don't worry about pay or titles: your work will begin to speak for itself, if a friend needs a document and your specialize in them, do it for them, not only do you create good Karma. They will spread your work for you.

4. Think of the WILDEST idea you want to do with your brand............(i'm still waiting) write it on your eraser board........(waiting for you to write it down)..............are you done? in the next 20 days figure a way to execute it.

5. get you 2 white eraser boards, big and small, carry one around with you, when your talking to people, write these ideas down on the board, if you see they won't work erasing them will help erase them from your thoughts.

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