GQ insider

GQ insider

is THIS your business card?

let's review a couple of brand points:Your smile
Your handshake
Your support of friends

Now you're energized, everything says your bank account will hit a million in one year. You find leads,  your elevator pitch down is ready, you've posted on facebook, opened a twitter account

You buy cheap business cards; put your hotmail ,yahoo, any web-based email address on it

You use the same number phone number as your personal line

Your business card title doesn't make sense (C.E.O/President/Owner, and other madness)

Your website is dated after 2 months and you don't update it

Your business card should be simple or REALLY creative, either way it should exert the same energy you feel about your new company

Purchase your domain name 

Get a google-voice number

Create a crafty title ex: if you sell cars, instead of salesman you are "coordinator of exemplary motor decisions"

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