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GQ insider

KNOCK it off and put it ON!

     The above picture is of a rapper named Sean "Jay-Z" Carter, his networth is in the Fafillions, he is a mogul, has a driver, has "IT" and never has to worry about a DJ shouting him out.

     He is wearing a CUSTOM TAILORED Suit with a Audemars Piguet
Royal Oak Offshore Las Vegas Strip Tourbillon Limited Edition 1 of 35
worth $217,800.00 (yes, that much)

     If you see someone wearing this watch in the club, their note less than 1k, live in an apartment and had to borrow some money for drinks, trust me it's a FAKE!

  They always say a woman can tell alot about a man by his shoes, hands and even his watch. Make sure when you wear a fake/knock-off it's not so over the top that people can tell. it should flow with your whole outfit (don't wear this above watch with some Jordan's). People that wear suits to a club where it's sweaty, full of liquor and smoke typically are wearing cheap suits.

Take time, invest in your fakes, make sure they look good, hard to tell the difference, remember to KNOCK it OFF and put it on~

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