GQ insider

GQ insider

NOW hiring! Guaranteed placement & job security

Qualifications: Ability to comprehend basic reading skills, proficient writing, basic math skills, easy to work with yet determined.
Openings; FT/PT some weekends
Salary: Starting $50 per hour

The companies listed below were created during times of great financial trouble by people who were either laid off, unemployed, fired or down on their luck (sound like you or someone you know?)
They didn't have much money but a desire and passion to make their dreams come true!

What are you waiting on, use your talent, Start tomorrow when you wake up create a company!

Panic of 1873
-General Electric (GE)

1929-1933 Great Depression
-Proctor and Gamble (P&G)
-Hewlett-Packard (HP)

1950's Recession
-Jim Henson company, The Muppets ('54)
-Ihop ('58)

1970's Recession
-FedEx ('73)
-Microsoft ('79)

1980's Recession
-CNN ('80)
-MTV ('81)

9 tips to help start/survive
1) Get the basics right

2) Cut costs
3) Careful cash flow management
4) Spend on marketing
5) Determination
6) Hold onto existing customers
7) Diversify your product and customer base
8) Credit check customers
9) Invest in the right technology

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