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GQ insider

Do you have money, are you Rich, become Wealthy

Have you ever seen a Bentley Azure, wondering why there is only 1 person in the car? The 2010 Bentley Azure T is expected to have a price starting around $350000.

When you sit in the back seat of a town car as the chauffeur guides you through the streets or relax in a  limo, there is a certain "celebrity arrogance" that comes over you

Do you take EXTRA care of your car?

understand wealth, HIRE A Personal DRIVER.
Why; you will start developing a taste for TRUE luxury
Why; you will start to understand the nuances of wealth
Why; your self-visualizations begin to alter how you interact with others
Why; because wealth BEGINS with a mindset

I've had a personal driver for a while, it adds a level to your "lyfestyle", people view you different.

don't know where to start, place an ad on craigslist, search for people who worked in the service industry (Bell hops, Valets) or go closer to home inquire to your friends unemployed and need quick cash.

Remember they must fill the part, their dress, manners and driving must be impeccable. Ensure they understand expectations.

It will feel weird the first few times but I PROMISE YOU WILL GET USE TO IT FAST!

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