GQ insider

GQ insider

Cigar of the Week "Lyte up your image"

"Personal Cigar Concierge"

For beginner smokers:
 Alex recommends: Macanudo 652
Alex prices this type of cigar to be:$ 8 to $12 dollars
Alex says you should taste: Very mild, you will notice first a strong hit  but will be mild as you smoke it down

For the moderate smokers:
Alex recommends: La Aurora Belicoso
Alex prices this type of cigar to be: $6 to $ 9
Alex says you should taste:  A very rich smooth kind of spicy flavor

For the experienced smokers: 
Alex recommends: AVO Maduro # 2 Dark Brown
Alex prices this type of cigar to be: $10 to $13
Alex says you should taste: Strong complex flavor

"As your Personal Cigar Concierge"

"it's important that your cigar equals your lyfestyle from your wardrobe to your automobile and your favorite color they should align. As the only Personal Cigar Concierge in the USA I will ensure  your experience is like no other. Call me and allow me to Lyte your image"

GoodFellas Cigar Factor
*Come to our factory and experience a hand-rolled cigar AS YOU WAIT!
14223 Inwood
(Northwest Corner of Inwood & Spring valley, 3rd building on your left)
Farmers Branch, Texas 75244

Ask for Sabino/Alex
(214) 659-1399

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