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When you have "IT"

Do you have it, or do you know someone when people talk about them say "I don't know what it is about them, but they've got IT".  How did they get "IT", were they born with "IT" or did they create "IT"? I can tell you it's not "Swagger", you car, home or clothes you spend your money on.

"IT" is when you walk in the room and people look at you, No; it's when their eyes follow you
"IT" is when you can change the energy of a room
"IT" is not purchased
"IT" is refined by reading biographies, taking on-line personality test, constantly testing your motives and perceptions and asking friends who you really are
"IT" comes in the form of a smile
"IT" isn't fake,
"IT" can be seen in certain celebrities, Will Smith, George Clooney and Ellen all have IT!!!
"IT" is telling a lie then telling the truth (yup that happens)
"IT" gets you promotions,  favor and grows your circle of influence
"IT" is a good handshake, eye contact and a friendly pat on the back
"IT" is sharing pain with a stranger just because you've been there before
"IT" is being humble amongst the praise
"IT" gives others the credit, almost at the cost of looking simple

so back to my original question, do you have "IT"?

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