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In a recent conversation with an old friend, the subject of my "image" came up. Jokingly he asked "how is it that everyone knows Big Tex and that damn hat". I've spent years cultivating "Big Tex" and it never stops, i'm always working on something new. The brands i work with, I believe, know that
Most people do not understand your personal image is the one thing that sticks in with people, you are what they see. A person may not remember your name (get you a good nickname), but they will remember your image.
My former manager Orlando was always dressed to the T, nice slacks, vests, bow-ties, buffed shoes, and even though we he's off doing bigger things, to this day I get asked "where is your manager who used to dress nice" now understand he was doing this way before it became a fad.


1. Clothes: wear something that you feel comfortable in, whether its the purple label from Ralph or the purple 50% off at the goodwill, it should all flow (don't forget to check your socks). Your shoes should come in all colors and cuts, including boots.

2. Accessories: the gaudy watches, with the fake diamonds, that you paid $20 are played out, spend that $20 on 2-3 fake watches (yup i said it) that are different colors and designs and can match whatever outfit you have on. When you get the money purchase you one or two real nice looking watches (if you are buying real watches and spending paul wall money, i'll wear them for you anytime you need)

3. Personality: people are attracted to your energy, they don't care if you can pop bottles, wear the hottest rockports (plug, lol) when you walk in you should COMMAND THE ROOM, smile at people, dap up people you know, take off your shades, laugh a little bit. it's not COOL trying to be COOL, why you ask because everybody thinks they are COOL, so now you have a room full of COOL people trying to be COOL, so just be COOL.

4. At the bar: yes i'm support my brands Remy Martin, McCallan, 1800 but I also have expanded my repertoire and now can order, double malts, and classic american cocktails. You raise your image level when you can go and order a drink with authority, learn 3-4 signature drinks, one vodka, one dark (cognac, whiskey), try not to use the typical liquors, ask bartender what they suggest) NOTE to image: when popping bottles or buying drinks show class and tip your bartender, if you pay they will POUR, get to know his/her name they will respect it

5. Show your support: when people know you care about them they will support you, if meet a lot of people and can't remember a name (i'm guilty of this) remember something about them, ask about their kids, their activities. You'll be surprised when you have a big event and need people how they will come to your aid.

6. If you go out to the club often and wanna get your name shouted out, learn what the DJ or emcee is drinking and bring them one, introduce yourself and tell them you appreciate them.

7. Sex: it's not ok to be seen with a new person every few months, hell every few weeks. Remember people are watching at you. Your co-workers, family and church members are at the same spots you are. If you are tossing them around (male and female) your image shows that you are not all together

8. Be able to laugh at yourself

Stay true, if you are broke then say it, don't try to fake it eventually people will find out and no matter how much real/fake gear you wear your secret is out

10. follow steps 1-9

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