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GQ insider

twitter @Edgeshavezone (personal case study)

I stumbled on Edge Shaving Gel's website "Anti-Irritation Zone( and twitter @edgeshavezone. Here people vent about things that irritate them (#soirritating), it's quite funny & where other brands have failed trying engage consumers Edge gets it because their tweets are a conversation. 

Here is our twitter convo:
Ryan SeaTEX @ hey edgeş whts ; tiny headphnes for ur cell, im 6'4 230 thy look uncool..need the BÏG Beats By Dre headphones?
Edge Shave Zone @ We'll have to see a Twitpic of a big fella, like yourself, wearing these tiny headphones to believe it. by bigtexmarketing

Edge Shave Zone @ We hope you have a cat or, gerbil or something to give your old ones to! DM us for your new Dre Beats!
Ryan SeaTEX @ what's not r Beats By Dre Solo! Thanks 4these now everything sounds Bigger in TEXas

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