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GQ insider

B-Hamp (do the rickey Bobby)

Keepin tha streets HOT!

B-Hamp, outta dallas has created a dance sensation "Do the Rickey Bobby" is getting some major air play Youtube

Check his last 3 performances wearing his Rockport Heisleys

1st show, Carsons Live

2nd show
Rickey Smiley Tuesday's at Addison City Limits(Rickey Smiley is a Dallas Rockport Guy as well)

3rd show Naaman Forest High School Homecoming

(I still can't do the rickey bobby, LOL)

1 comment:

Summer G said...

lol. those guys are from dallas? im confused.
and no, i cant do it either.
But what I CAN do very well is "STOP! POSE FOR THE FRAME!"