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Hire a horse for your Branding/Marketing

One of my favorite movies is "Secretariat" the story about a racehorse considered the greatest ever. What caught my attention was when not racing he would loathe around, sleep all day and eat, well, like a horse. Watching him you'd think "sheesh, this dudes not worth a wooden nickel"

In a particular scene Penny, the owner, is talking to her ailing dad about Secretariat, he looks at her with all his strength and says "Let him run his race"..See a race horse wears blinders and with these on they can't see the other horses and stay focused on the end goal. They can still see what's coming and if the other horses get even the slight bit ahead of them they know it's time for a kick. (think about that)

It's not that you don't worry about the methods or work ethics of the people you hire for your marketing and branding, however look at how they envision your brand and the methods used. What'ss their focus and are they wearing blinders?


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