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GQ insider

"Private Eyes" are watching your brand

One of the biggest mistakes "personal brands"commit is, forgetting that EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY SECOND, someone is watching your brand. You have to be conscious of this all times. 

Take a second and let's evaluate:

Are you clean shaven (Ladies, is your makeup impeccable?)
Nails clean (when was your last manicure?)
Clothes pressed
Shoes in good shape (do you use shoe trees, are they buffed?)
Is your smile "ready to go" (do you have gum/mints on hand?)

There are moments we are caught with our guard down and that's okay however your goal is to give a consistent, favorable appearance.

Every "Personal brand"  should have a travel kit in their vehicle that contains:
-toothbrush/paste, dental floss/mouthwash
-manicure kit
-change of clothes (casual/business)
-hair comb

Here is my "Private Eyes" story:
"I was a finalist for Apprentice 2, they flew me out to California for final cuts, I was on the phone with one of my God-mothers Vanessa, I told her I don't wear suits, Her response, "YOU ARE NOT RUSSELL SIMMONS, you will purchase some suits and you WILL look sharp, you won't embarrass me on national TV". 

All I could do was laugh, she had it down (not to mention she's worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry)
 Since that day I've work my hardest not to make vanessa (or my own mother and father) look bad!

"Private eyes... are watching you, they see you every move"-Hall & Oates

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