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GQ insider

Social Media the one sided conversation

Are you one on of the following?
Foursquare (oops caught you off guard with that one huh, LOL)
2nd life
if so why, to brag about how many friends on myspace you have (so yesterday), you Twitter followers or better yet to follow every celebrity (who of course is not following you) and RE-Tweet them.

Or do you have something to say?

it seems that 99% of people post to social media sites to hear yourself type, promote some wack event (yeah i said it) or to be nosey about other peoples business (ESPECIALLY on facebook where everyone is trying to pray for you for the most menial things)

If you want to break away from the clutter personalize and simplify your message (DM or email) and I promise your voice will be heard

(i'm going to post this to my twitter and facebook accounts..HAHA, ROFL)

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