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GQ insider

Cognac & Cigar

Now smoked in Hip hop circles and amongst urban professionals as a status symbol, Cognac & Cigars lend an elegance to personal style. A good cigar & cognac after dinner or out on the set relaxes.  Below you will see the top selling cognacs and the type of cigars you will smoke with them

Cognacs & Cigars

Rémy Martin: complementes the medium cigar best, exhibiting lots of crème brulee and vanilla flavors, Rémy's richness and spice matched nicely with a full-bodied cigar.

Hennessy: goes best with medium and lighter cigars.

Courvoisier: showed an evenness with all three types of cigars (light, medium and heavy) 

Martell: due to its sweetness and fruitiness is more attuned to lighter cigars

3 cigars I choose to ask for
a mild Macanudo Hyde Park,
a medium-bodied, three-year-old Don Carlos Robusto
a full-flavored Cuban Cohiba (very, very good choice here)

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