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GQ insider

A night of fashion??

Recently my stylist invited us to Hugo Boss for a Glamour Magazine event. Needless to say there were plenty of pretty people out and about, there was one guy in particular, works for Hugo, who set the place on fire! His attire, blue plaid jacket, vintage blue vest, blue tie, blue shirt and 2 tone blue shoes. This was put together perfect, the night I hung with Terrence Howard he put together the same type of combo, black vest, shirt and tie. Certain colors are difficult to match but if done right, can make a statement!

For this event I wore a brown suit, Fuchsia shirt with black/blue/white tie, Crazy Fresh. The looks ranged from "wow that's hot" & "that's bold" to "ugh what is that". So here's the thing about fashion, YOU MAKE IT HOT BY HOW YOU WEAR IT! There are a few basic rules and you need to understand them but find your own hotness, find what makes you sexy and trust me eventually you will grow (ANDRE 3000, Jay-Z) any questions

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