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GQ insider

Education of the Bat!

After much discussion and request, my team and I have launched the "Educate your Image" program. A 5 part series to help those who are serious about playing and winning the social game.

We have begun handing out business cards for Part 1,"how to order drinks". From Cognac to Vodka there are so many ways to FAIL while ordering drinks, our card will help you feel comfortable when ordering and give you a signature drink

Recently, Aaron Rodonis ( Bacardi Brand Master Apprentice) held an Edutasting on the Bacardi portfolio. From Select to Superior, he taught the history of the brand, how it's made and of course ways to order.

Raytini drink of week

-Bacardi Stiletto
1/2 ounce Bacardi light
1/2 ounce Malibu Passion fruit
1/2 ounce Berry fusion Pucker
splash Cranberry juice
Shake well (drink will turn purple)
Pour in martini glass
garnish with purple grapes

(caution, drink responsibility)

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