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GQ insider

So you want a Facebook page for your business?

As I type this message more and more businesses are finding success on Facebook. Worldwide companies like Coke-Cola, Walmart and Dove all have found #winning ways, but smaller brands as well. They are creating communities, have great stories, check-ins and have found ways to engage their Facebook fans.

"Well Big Tex, how do I find success?". Glad you asked, keep in mind I'm just a guy who loves marketing, so here are 3 ideas (they are not unique to me, I'm just paraphrasing) to start with:

1. Separate and create a "Fan Page" or "Like page" for your business

2. Offer them a reason to become a "fan" or "like" your page. Try coupons, freebies or anything to get them excited

3. Once your page is set up, don't just blast it to your status update, send a personal message to all your FB friends. Yes, that maybe hundreds or thousands of messages (geesh I'm not that popular). By doing this you are raising brand awareness and possibly developing an emotional connection.
  • Marketing Trick: create a message generic enough that when read feels like it was personally sent. Now take that same message and change the name, now you can send to facebook friends and save time

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