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A Gentleman Speaks "Stunna Liquer"


 Recently I tasted "Stunna"  Ultra Premium Liqueur a new beverage on the market, here is what the EyEcOn says.

"It offers a unique taste as it is mixed with Rum,Vodka and Tequila. First sip I was able to taste all 3 flavors, the more I drank the more it reminded me of Hypnotiq (oh those were the days). It's definitely a drink that must be served chilled and at this point I'm not sure if you can mix or chase but it will sneak up on you.

     From the imagery I've seen this is an "urban" drink, focused on "African Americans only"  which may give it a limited market impact (again see Hypnotiq) but if they get a good celebrity push, SOLID distribution and long-term commitment with marketing dollars, they should do well.

    I will probably get a few calls or emails saying  "our brand is not African-American only it appeals to a wide audience", however when consumers click the website they are branded with a "brotha pourin' and the ladies stuntin"  (it kind of reminds me of the Jay-Z roc boys video) and that screams hip-hop only. For mass appeal they may have to diversify their marketing plan.

Not sure of Cost
Not sure where to purchase

Rating 2.5 cowboy hats (out of 5)

The EyEcOn has spoken!

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