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your brand a TEXAS filibuster, pair of Mizuno shoes & a shot of cognac

Ok so this has zero to do with a shot of cognac but I could use one right now.
This past week the country was a buzz as senator Wendy Davis held a 13 hour filibuster to defeat a bill in the Texas house. 
What makes this interesting is she did it in a pair of Mizuno running shoes. Now moms have been wearing running shoes since the days of Sparta (well they were sandals but you get the drift) but what's fascinating is how she inspired other others.

 Let us review the stats:

178,000 youtube live stream viewers
730,000 tweets mentioning the filibuster (5,776 tweets per minute)

her twitter followers jumped from just under 6,000 to more than 48,000 during the course of the day, an 8x increase
(still waiting on twitter to give her the coveted blue check)

what's interesting is that Mizuno has NOT capitalized, besides a single like and quote on her facebook page.

How does this relate to you? 1st, have a social cause where your willing to stand for, 2nd never miss the opportunity to tell your story and finally no matter your brand, you NEVER know who may be consuming your product.

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