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GQ insider

i was asked if "i know what i'm talking about"

A recent conversation with someone who inquired about my Brand Manager skills let to them visiting this site, and saying, "i'm going to keep my eye on you".

Certain marketing/branding professionals are conceptors, thought leaders, strategist and executioners. I post on this site to make you THINK, the postings maybe short but they are quick reads in hope you will sit back and say "hmmm, never took that angle"

Most people don't think about a "brand manager" it's more about a Manager, accountant or personal circle. For many it's hard to pay someone to, as they put it, come up w/ideas for them". LoL

I'd like to define a brand manager:

  "Brand managers are the key people behind the success of any brand or product. They are responsible to improve the value of their brands or products, which in turn generate profitable returns for the company and shareholders. Many multinational companies spend millions on brand management and employ professional brand managers to develop, plan and implement marketing activities to increase the value of their brands..." *noted re-read this a few times over and understand what a brand manager is

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