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Who really has KLOUT in social media, do you?

Klout is a "social media measuring tool" that gives a realistic view and score of  an individuals reach and impact. Klout states they integrate with 13 networks, the truth is only 4 actually impact your score (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare). To find your Klout score, visit and follow the simple directions.

In other words, all the people you are following, all the friends you have on Facebook, the blog that you really don't use much. Klout will tell you if you are reaching ANYBODY! 

Now, it's interesting because most of us  believe their own hype, myself guilty at times and think everything they say is "epic" or when "check-in" people will come running  (I had to laugh when typing this one). By constantly tweeting and status updating the illusion is perpetuated. 

Find our your Klout score, learn how to use social media to your advantage, research others in your industry and compare. Companies are using sites like Klout and others when determining sponsorships, partnerships and how to spend their marketing/branding dollars.

Tell me your Klout (score).

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