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GQ insider

So i sent these handwritten invites!

For one of my recent events, I sent out 30+ handwritten invites. I figured enough of the text blast, facebook messages and emails, this time hand written letters would make it more intimate. 

The event went off without a hitch ( )  over 200 people showed up and out of that number

ZERO of the hand-written invites showed up. I can't lie, I was taken aback, in someway bothered. I was sure in all my marketing arrogance and research people would realize the "personal touch" of the letters and feel mor the importance to me and show up. NOPE,, nada, nothing

What I came to realize is, we are WAY TO DESENSITIZED, out of touch, caught up in our own world (falling for unreality television). We get in elevators and don't speak, sit down at lunch and pick up our phone, t checking in, updating status' and tweeting.

Marketing works best when there is 2 needs are met what's in for them and the emotional connection.

Somehow I missed both of them

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