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How to get sponsorships for your events

...Events are getting more expensive
---Talent is asking for more money
===Consumers have gotten to the point where they are not fooled by email blast or flyers
******Bar guarantees have become out of this world

So you have to offset cost, why not get a "sponsor", you know, someone with a check book who can get you money to help. Sure....They will be happy to be apart of your event because you have a "B-list" oops I mean "A-list" celebrity, or their logo will be on "x-amount of fliers or email blast". You know they wouldn't want to miss out!


Brands do NOT need you or your EVENT!!! let me repeat that, they do not NEED YOU OR YOUR EVENT...

as budgets decrease there are certain things you will need to change in your approach, certain WORDS you have to stop using..(i'm being very abstract because i just don't want to give all the answers right now)

brands can circumvent you and make their presence at YOUR event w/out paying you (guess how)

brands don't really care about celebrities at your event, you know why? (i do, but not telling)

the one free piece of advice i will give on this topic is
*focus on who and not how how much*


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