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Socialite vs Trendsetter (which one are you)

Reality television, TMZ, facebook, twitter the list goes on and on and on. People will do anything for their moment of fame, and as Andy Warhol said in 1968 "in the future everybody will be famous for 15 minutes". The future is now but 15 minutes has dropped to close to 5 minutes. Being a Celebrity / Trendsetter is a learned, ever evolving, skill but most people don't take time to develop it (acting classes, learning life skills, etc).

Which one are you?

A Trendsetter   
  1. goes to the correct, not all, events
  2. is a gracious host, understands their social status last
  3. ensures photos tell a message 
  4. stays ahead of the curve on fashion, electronics, and other trending topics
  5.  is known for having the right relationships
  6. can be trusted for advice
  7. uses social media to BUILD their personal brand
  8. wears/uses certain brands, not because they are hot, but because they fit them
  9. doesn't mind being away from the party scene as they understand this makes their brand hot

A Socialite 
  • is at every party/event no matter where
  • believes they are a celebrity
  • takes pictures with any celebrity
  • has every detail of their life posted on social networks
  • knows every bartender and bouncer
  • drinks but never really has the money for bottle service
  • wants to be a trendsetter
  • has all the gossip websites bookmarked and knows whats going on with all celebrities
  • lives for the next hot party
Again the question is posed, which one are you?

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