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The Strength of a Don Cigar

Mental picture when you think Cigar room; smoke filled, older guys playing poker, telling fish tales and cheap drinks. This changed when I was invited to an event with Don Beningo Costa Rican Cigars and The Maccallan Cask Strength. Talked ranged in the room from trading in luxury vehicles before the warranty expires, flights on private jets, buying designer watches in France and game rooms built to beat employees in video games!

My first taste of The Maccallan Cask Strength 116 was smoother than expected, a nice distinct wood flavor. The lingering taste allowed me to taste, almost feel a hint of fruit. I smoke cigars with Maccallan 17 however the Cask Strength is a great partner as well.

Don Benigno Cigar, heavy, clean taste, fits perfectly with Maccallan Cask 116. Handmade with a Cuban influence this is for the moderate/experienced smoker. Great after dinner smoke that you should add to your Smoking Portfolio.

The Maccallan Cask Strength
 3.5 Cowboy hats (out of 5)

Don Benigno Costa Rican Cigars
3 Cowboy hats (out of 5)

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